Bachelor of Technology in Welding with Honours

  • Programme Aims

    The program is designed to be in line with the vision and mission of the University. Through this program, graduates are expected to become part of the skilled worker which is capable in driving the growth of the country accordance with the aspirations of Vision 2020. This will be done with the course emphasizing new technologies, which also include theoretical and practical skills. In addition, this program will also expose students to a variety of activities that can increase the generic skills and personality.

    Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

    These are the PEOs for Bachelor of Technology in Welding with Honours

    PEO 1 :  To produce Welding Technologist who can apply knowledge, skills, competent and innovative in solving tasks and problems in the field of welding technology.

    PEO 2 :  To produce technopreneurs related with the field of welding technology.

    PEO 3 :  To produce profesional, ethical, socially responsible, respected and  relevant, respected and referred in the field of welding technology.


    Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)

    These are the PLOs for Bachelor of Technology in Welding with Honours:

    PLO 1 :  Apply knowledge of technology fundamentals to define and applied Welding system procedures, processes, systems and methodologies.

    PLO 2 :  Able to suggest and apply latest tools and techniques to solve and upgrading of Welding system faults and problems.

    PLO 3 :  Demonstrate strong analytical and critical thinking skills to solve common Welding Systems problems and solutions in the field of study.

    PLO 4 :  Able to communicate and articulate effectively in both verbal and written among technologist communities and society at large.

    PLO 5 :  Demonstrate understanding of the societal related issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to Welding technology practices.

    PLO 6 :  Recognize the needs for professional development and to engage independent lifelong learning in Welding specialist technologists.

    PLO 7 :  Demonstrate an awareness of management and technopreneurship practices in real perspective.

    PLO 8 :  Demonstrate professionalism and social and ethical consideration.

    PLO 9 :  Demonstrate leadership quality, mentoring and work effectively in diverse teams.

  • Career & Futher Education Prospect

    Graduates have career opportunities in the public and private sector, particularly in the field of welding technology. In addition to being a technologist, graduates can also engage in industrial fields such as in mechanical engineering that focuses on the work of welding and metal fabrication. The graduates also have the potential to become entrepreneurs in related fields. Graduates also have the opportunity to continue their studies at post-graduate level in areas related to technical and technology through programs such as Master of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), Master of Engineering Technology and programs equivalent.

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    All Bachelor Technology programmes offered by FPTV are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and compliance with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF). In addition our Bachelor of Technology in Welding with Honours is also accredited by Malaysia Board of Technology (MBOT)

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