Quality Objectives



  • To implement academic programmes at bachelor's, master's and doctor's degree in TVET that are recognised by relevant accreditation bodies.
  • To produce at least 25% of undergraduates with CPA >= 3.50 and 15% of graduates with first class honour per year.
  • To ensure an achievement of at least 70% of graduates' employability after 6 months of graduation.

  • To ensure 75% of academic staff have a Doctoral Degree.
  • To produce an average of at least 2 publications per academic staff in the form of conference paper/journal/proceeding/module/original book/translated book/any other relevant articles per year.
  • To ensure at least 60% of academic staff are involved in research or consultation in current year.
  • To ensure at least 90% of staff fullfill the requirement of attending at least 7 days training and development programmes per year.

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