Potential Research Supervisor

Potential Research Supervisor





Prof. Dr. Wan Mohd Rashid bin W Ahmad


1. Technical & Vocational Education

  • Management and planning
  • Staff development
  • Automotive technology and practice
  • Dual Training System (SLDN)

2. Qualitative Research Methodology in Vocational Education

3. Leadership

4. Human Resource Management in TVET

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Badaruddin Bin Ibrahim

Deputy Dean(Research, Development & Publication)

1. Test & measurement in Education

2. Technical & Vocational Education

3. Engineering Education

badar 55637668200 Badaruddin

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rasid Bin Abdul Razzaq

Deputy Dean

(Academic & International)

1. Homestay Development and Training

2. Community Based Tourism

3. Tourism and Hospitality Management

4. Technical Education Management

5. Rural Tourism

6. Propoor Tourism

7. Social and Economic Development for Rural Community 

rasid 57193235820 Abdul Rasid

Dr. Jamil Bin Abd Baser

Deputy Dean

(Students’ Affair & Alumni)

1. Informal Learning

2. Teachers Training

3. Social Sciences Research

4. Developing Framework and Model for Social Sciences Research

5. Developing Teaching and Learning Aids

6. Industrial Design

jamil 36760581500 Jamil

Dr. Marina Binti Ibrahim Mukhtar

Head of Professional Education Dept.

1. Technical and Vocational Education

2. Measurement & Assessment

3. Teaching & Learning

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mimi Mohaffyza Binti Mohamad


1. Pedagogy

2. Learning Styles and Cognitive Styles

3. Technical and Vocational Education and Training

4. Lifelong Learning




Mimi Mohaffyza

Dr. Faizal Amin Nur Bin Yunus

Head of Engineering Education Dept.

1. Skill & Training

2. Technical and Vocational Educational Training

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Dr. Mohd Hasril Bin Amiruddin

Head ofVocational Education Dept.

1. Career Development

2. TVET in Competency Study

3. Planning & Management in TVET

4. Continuing Education & TVET

5. TVET in Learning Strategy

6. Quantitative Research in Education

7. Entrepreneurship Education

7. TVET in Welding & Metal Fabrication

8. Risk & Minority Students in Special Education 

hasril 36760394200 Mohd Hasril

Dr. Azman Bin Hasan

Head ofTeaching Practice & Industrial Training Dept.

  azmanh 55755585400 Azman Hasan

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lai Chee Sern

Head ofAdvanced Center for Technical and Vocational Education

1. Teaching and Learning

2. Cognitive Load

3. Engineering Education

4. Technical and Vocational Education

lcsern 57191039190 LCSern
Prof. Emeritus Dr. Jailani Bin Md Yunos

1. Leadership & Management in TVET

2. TVET Teacher Education

3. TVET Competency Study

4. TVET Policy Study

5. Continuing Education & TVET

6. Talent Management

7. Career Development

8. Public Private Partnership (PPP)

9. Education Sustainable Development (ESD) – TVET

10. Development of Thinking Skills – TVET

11. Higher Order Thinking Skills

12. Skills Training & Development-NDTS

13. Green TVET

14. APEL/ RPL Study

15. Transferable/ Transversal/ Generic Skills Study

16. Competency-based Curriculum

jailani 46061670200 Jailani
Prof. Dr. Wahid Bin Razzaly TVET Curriculum Development, Engineering Education wahid 57024024000 Wahid Razzaly
Prof. Dr. Noraini Binti Kaprawi

1. Human Resource Management in TVET

2. Human Resource Development in TVET


4. Quality of Working Life in TVET

5. Quality Management in Technical Education

6. Quality in Engineering Education

7. Continuing Technical Education

8. Dual Training System in TVET

9. Industrial Relation

10. Education Sustainable Development (ESD) – TVET

11. Generic Skills in TVET

12. Training and Development

norain 46061145700 Noraini Kaprawi
Prof. Dr. Maizam Binti Alias
  1. Classroom teaching and learning
  2. Teacher preparations
  3. Engineering education research
maizam 8344647400 Maizam Alias
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asri Bin Selamat

1. Testing and Evaluation in Technical and Vocational Education

2. Sociology in Education

3. Pedagogy

4. Micro Teaching

5. Testing and Evaluation Education

6. Assessment in Education

7. Psychology in Education

8. Philosophy of Education 

asri 55036916500  
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Rizal Bin Madar
  1. Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) - Product Development
  2. Engineering Education
rizalm   Ahmad Rizal
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Razali Bin Hassan
  1. Educational Technology
  2. TVET (all area)
razalih 56940069600 Razali
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Azlinda Binti Wan Mohamed   azlinda 57191033197  
Major Assoc. Prof. Madya Dr. Hj. Mohamad Hisyam bin Mohd. Hashim

1. Online learning in Vocational Education

2. Instructional Design and Technology in Vocational Education

3. Qualitative Research Methodology in Vocational Education

4. Mobile Learning in Vocational Education

5. Myths and Brands in Vocational Education

6. Advancement and Alumni Relations in Vocational Education

7. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (General)

8. Student Development and Great Caliphate in Vocational Education

9. Integration of Tahfiz Al-Quran, Turath in Vocational Education

10. Accreditation and Certification Commission on Vocational Education

11. Learning Objects in Vocational Education

mhisyam  55326875200 Mohamad Hisyam
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Yusop Bin Ab. Hadi Continuing Professional Development (CPD) yusop   Mohd Yusop
Assoc. Prof. Tan King Hiyang

 1. Instructional Design

2. Creativity & Innovation in Teaching & Learning

3. Hospitality Education & Training

4. Education Technology

5. Generic Skill Development

Dr. D’oria Islamiah Binti Rosli
  1. Human Computer Interaction
  2. Human Cognitive Awareness
  3. User Interface Design
doria 26656142500 Doria Islamiah
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halizah Binti Awang

1. Curriculum

2. Teaching & Learning / Pedagogy

3. Teachers & Professionalism

4. Assessment & Evaluation


halizah 56005117100 Halizah
Dr. Hasyamuddin Bin Othman

1. Engineering Education,

2. TVET Education

3. Methodology of Teaching & Learning

4. Problem Based Learning

5. Employability Skills

6. Mechanical and Manufacturing Product

7. Machining Skills and Operations

8. Ergonomic Design

9. Community and Environmental

hasyam 36761350700 Hasyamuddin
Dr. Johnson Lim Soon Chong
  1. Design Informatics
  2. Knowledge Management in Design & Manufacturing
  3. Design & Engineering Education
johnson 27867823700 Johnson
Maziana Binti Mohamed

1. Teaching and learning

2. Cross cultural learning

maziana 56957660500  
Dr. Nur Sofurah Binti Mohd Faiz
  1. Internationalization of Higher Education
  2. Teaching & Learning in Diverse Cultural Context
  3. Intercultural Learning
sofurah 56958335700 Nur Sofurah
Dr. Rohayu Binti Roddin

1. Tourism

2. Planning

3. Entrepreneurship

4. Indigenous Community

5. Minority

6. Woman

Dr. Yee Mei Heong

1. Cognitive

2. Metacognitive

3. Higher Order Thinking Skills

4. Learning Skills and Styles

5. Teaching Skills and Styles

6. Manual @ Modul Development

mhyee 57191056537 MHYee
Dr. Yusmarwati Binti Yusof   marwati   Yusmarwati
Dr. Hj. Mohamad Zaid Bin Mustafa


2. Psychology

3. Soft Skills

4. Emotional intelligence

5. Job Satisfaction

6. Organizational Commitment

mzaid   Mohamad Zaid
Dr. Azmanirah Binti Ab Rahman   azmanira    
Hjh. Sarebah Binti Warman

1. Education and Training

2. Teaching

3. Micro Teaching

4. Pedagogy

5. Entrepreneurship 

sarebah    Sarebah
Dr. Affero Bin Ismail
  1. Student Development
  2. Student Supervision
  3. Curriculum Development
  4. Technical and Vocational Education
  5. Continuing Professional Development
affero 36006379300 Affero_Ismail
Dr. Aini Nazura Binti Paimin
  1. Engineering Design
  2. Learning Motivation
  3. Educational Assessment & Evaluation
nazura 55053481800 Aini Nazura
Dr. Alias Bin Masek

1. Teaching & Learning

2. Student Centered, Active Learning and Facilitation

3. Problem Based Learning

4. Engineering Education

5. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

aliasmasek 36240620800 Alias_Masek
Dr. Arihasnida Binti Ariffin

1. Problem Based Learning Online

2. Animation Development

3. Instructional Design & Technology

4. Web 2.0

5. Engineering Drawing

6. Technical and Vocational in Training (TVET)

7. Animation in Education

8. Education Technology

Dr. Azita Binti Ali

1. Information Technology

2. Teaching & Learning

3. Multimedia

4. Community Service

5. E learning and PBK in Education

6. Employability Skills

7. Technical and Vocational

azita   Azita_Ali

Dr. Saifullizam Bin Puteh

Senior Lecturer

1. Innovation &8 Technology in TVET

2. Computational Intelligence

3. Electronic & Electrical Engineering

4. Occupational Work and Competence Development

5. Shaping Work and Technology

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 55049682600 Saifulizam
Dr. Fazlinda Binti Ab. Halim

1. Information Technology

2. Teaching & Learning

3. Instructional Design and Multimedia

4. Special Education

5. E-Learning

6. Career and Employability Skills

7. Technical and Vocational Education

fazlin   Fazlinda
Dr. Irwan Mahazir Bin Ismail

 1. Resource & Information Technology

2. Mobile Learning


4. e-Learning

5. Learning Style

6. Instructional Design

irwanm 84891815397 Irwan Mahazir
Dr. Lee Ming Foong
  1. Teaching & Learning in TVET
  2. Instructional Design
  3. Product Design for Engineering Electrical
mflee 57193002473 MFLee
Dr. Lutfiah Natrah Binti Abbas
  1. Life Long Learning
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Instructional Leadership
Dr. Marlina Binti Mohamad
  1. Web-mediated Learning, Instructional Technology
  2. Online Learning
  3. ICT in TVET
  4. Multimedia Learning
marlina   Marlina
Dr. Mohd Bekri Bin Rahim   bekri 55992155100 Bekri_Rahim
Dr. Mohd Erfy Bin Ismail

1. Science Education

2. Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

3. Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

4. Engineering Education

erfy  57201620723 Erfy_Ismail
Dr. Noor Dina Binti Md Amin

 1. Thermal Comfort

2. Visual & Acoustic Comfort in Educational Buildings

3. Green Building

4. Human Aspect in Architecture & Landscape

5. Experiential Learning

6. Learning Environment

dina   Noor Dina
Dr. Normah Binti Zakaria
  1. Career Management
  2. Career Choice
  3. Career Development
  4. Employability
  5. Career Success
norma   Normah
Dr. Nurhanim Saadah Binti Abdullah   nurhanim 57194723649 Nurhanim Saadah
Dr. Siti Nur Kamariah Binti Rubani

1. Project Based Learning With Structured Scaffolding

2. Instructional Design

3. Technology Education

4. Technical And Vocational

kamaria   Siti Nur Kamariah
Dr. Tamil Selvan A/L Subramaniam

1. Instructional Design & Technology

2. Problem Based Learning

3. Product Design Research

4. Design & Development Research (DDR)

5. Mobile Learning / Open Learning

6. e-Learning

tselvan   Tamil Selvan
Dr. Tee Tze Kiong

1. Higher order thinking skills, bloom's taxonomy, Anderson and krathwohl taxonomy

2. Modular approach in teaching and learning

3. Buzan mind mapping, thinking tools

4. Learning and teaching styles

5. Inventive problem solving skills

tktee 56347820700 TKTee
Dr. Wan Hanim Nadrah Binti Wan Muda

1. Leadership and management

2. Critical thinking and metacognitive

3. Mathematics education

4. Applied mathematics in social science

wanhanim 57192868668 Wan Hanim Nadrah
Anizam Binti Mohamed Yusof
  1. Special Education
  2. Teaching & Learning
  3. Evaluation in Special Education
  4. Employability Skills
aniza   Anizam
Hairuddin Bin Harun
  1. Hospitality
  2. Education
  3. Food Service
  4. Hearing Impairment
  5. Tourism
hairuddin   Hairuddin Harun
Dr. Hashima Binti Hamid
  1. Continuous Quality Improvement
  2. Critical Success Factor
  3. Total Quality Management
  4. Quality Assurance
hashima    Hashima Hamid
Dr. Marina Binti Ibrahim Mukhtar
  1. Technical and Vocational Education
  2. Measurement & Assessment
  3. Teaching & Learning
Mohd Safiee Bin Idris

1. Co-curriculum Management

2. Student Development

Dr. Noorazman Bin Abd Samad

1. Apprenticeship

2. Training in TVET Development

3. Entrepreneurship

4. Automotive Technology

5. Dual System Training

6. Internship

noorazman   Noorazman
Dr. Norhasyimah Binti Hamzah
  1. Online Learning
  2. Web 2.0
  3. e-Learning
  4. Web-based Collaborative Learning
syima 56237093800 Norhasyimah
Dr. Nurfirdawati Binti Muhamad Hanafi

1. Studio Based Learning

2. Assessment And Evaluation In Education

3. Architectural Education

nurfirda   Nurfirdawati

Md. Azani Bin Sham
  1. Web-based Learning
  2. Learning Software Development
Mohd. Fairuz Bin Marian   fairuzm    
Muhamad Amin Bin Hj. Ab. Ghani   aminghani    
Rosnee Binti Ahad   rosnee    
Suhaimi Bin Mohamad   suhaimimh    
Saiful Hadi Bin Masran

1. Advance Machining, Vocational Skills

2. Learning Transfer

3. Mechanical Production & Maintenance

4. Safety and Health

saifulm 55994624100 Saiful Hadi

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