Research Areas


Research is the foremost activity for the Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education (FTVE). FTVE encourages all the staff to involve actively in doing worthwhile research in order to realize Research and Development (R&D) of UTHM. The main focused research fields are:


Teaching and Learning in Technical and Vocational Education (TVE)

Philosophy and Instructional Design, Student Learning Difficulties, Evaluation, Technology Integration in TVE, Work-Based Education.

Professionalism Development in TVE
Practicum and Industrial Placement, HR Development, Entrepreneurial Development, Quality Management and Administration.

Curriculums for TVE
Research-Based Curriculum in TVE, Curriculum Development for Community College, Curriculum Implementation within Higher Education Institution, Client-Based Training & Instruction in TVE, Innovation in Curriculum Development for  TVE.

E-Learning for TVE
K-economy and K-management in TVE, Multimedia: Theory-Into-Practice of e-learning in TVE, E-learning Awareness in TVE and Agenda for Change, Web-Based Curriculum in TVE, TVE and Open Learning through Internetworking.

Sociology and Women in TVE
The Sociological Dimension in TVE, Training and Work Opportunities for women within TVE, Contribution and Achievement, Welfare of Women TVE.

Tracer Studies in TVE

Meeting the Employer's Standard and Expectation, Job Satisfaction, The National Impact of TVE, Index of Quality of Graduate's Performance, Longitudinal Study on Career Development of Graduates.

Infrastructure within TVE
Laboratory Studio and Workshop Design, Quality Management of Laboratory, Studio and Workshop Integration of Technology in TVE, Quality Environmental Management in TVE, Safety and Health Awareness in TVE.

Quality Standard in TVE
Quality Standard for Curriculum Planning and Implementation, Quality Standard for HR Development, Quality Assessment, Quality Standard for Teaching & Learning Excellence, World Class TVE.

Global and Social Issues in TVE
Open Education for Globalization, Career Path of TVE Graduates, Integrating Green Education in TVE, TVE within Industrial Countries, Funding for TVE within Developing Countries.

Life Long  Learning in TVE
Adult Education, Continuous Education, Recognition of Short Course, Career Enhancement through life Long Learning.

Special Education in TVE

Philosophy and Instructional Design, Career Path and Difficulties for Special Education Graduates, Infrastructural Readiness, Evaluation Standards, Technology Integration in TVE.

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