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Master of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering) - MBM


    Master of Technical Education program aims to produce more mature and skilled graduates to meet the country's needs for skilled manpower and experts in the field of Mechanical Engineering in the public, private or self-employed sectors.

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    PEO 1 Make judgments of relevant theories and practices and demonstrate capability of producing new and creative knowledge in order to be effective and inspiring professionals in the field of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering)
    PEO 2 Critically analyse, and synthesize the understanding of their own sources of mature professional knowledge and professional practices to solve significant problems in the field of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering).
    PEO 3 Plan and execute innovative projects, research initiatives and write dissertations, theses and reports for the purpose of building and applying knowledge of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering) for the benefit of the profession and society as a whole.
    PEO 4 Demonstrate capabilities in generating and communicating of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering) effectively through the practice of life-long learning and life-long contribution.
    PEO 5 Lead and participate in knowledge generation and in championing intellectual property rights and acknowledgments of original works by others, guarding against plagiarism and other academic improprieties in Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering).
    PEO 6 Acquire general knowledge and develop diverse educational specializations, individual talents and potentialities in the field of Technical Education (Mechanical Electrical Engineering).

    PLO 1 Apply and integrate knowledge relating to current research issues in the field of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering).
    PLO 2 Apply research techniques to acquire, interpret and extend educational knowledge in the field of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering).
    PLO 3 Demonstrate the capability to communicate, lead and work together in building new knowledge in the field of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering).
    PLO 4 Synthesize advanced knowledge and engage in problem solving and scientific skills in the field of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering).
    PLO 5 Demonstrate the capabilities and dispositions to work as engaged professional educators in building learning communities into the future in the field of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering).
    PLO 6 Design and conduct research professionally and ethically
    PLO 7 Continuously, incrementally and cumulatively develop encyclopaedic general knowledge and diverse individual talents and potentialities in the field of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering).

    1. Integrated Manufacturing System

    2. Modern Manufacturing Process

    3. Industrial and System Engineering

    4. Automated Manufacturing

    5. Engineering Design

    6. Educational Data Analysis and Reasoning

    7. Research Methodology and Development in TVE

    8. Qualitative Research in Education

    9. Leadership and Management in TVE

    10. Curriculum Development in TVE

    11. Information Technology & Multimedia Applications

    12. Development of Education & Training System in TVE

    13. Master’s Project 1

    14. Master’s Project 2






    The basic qualifications for the Master of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering) program are as follows:

    Basic Qualifications

    Bachelor's Degree with Honors from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia or from any institution of higher learning recognized by the UTHM Senate or other qualification equivalent to a Bachelor's degree with experience in a related field recognized by the UTHM Senate.

    Prerequisite/Other Qualifications

    • Minimum CPA is 2.50, and

    • English Language Requirement is MUET Band 3 or TOEFL 500 or IELTS 5.0.

    Exemption from the English language requirement will be given to international candidates or students who graduate in Malaysia


    FULL TIME - 3 semesters (minimum) & 6 semesters (maximum)

    PART TIME – 5 semesters (minimum) & 10 semesters (maximum)

  • Master of Technical Education (Mechanical Engineering) is recognized by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) (MQA/FA5853).


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