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Doctor of Education - PBD


    This programme aims to produce balanced graduates who are knowledgeable and capable in the seven key elements of soft skills introduced by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) to meet the country's need for skilled professionals in the field of teaching and learning, whether serving in the public or private sectors. For the time being, this coursework programme is only available full-time. Students must complete 82 credits in order to graduate.


    PEO 1 Knowledgeable and experienced in evaluating educational theory and practice and able to conduct research in the teaching and learning environment.
    PEO 2 Capable of synthesizing, evaluating, and applying knowledge and problem-solving practice in the field of education
    PEO 3 Able to implement and manage research projects and activities for the purpose of applying knowledge towards the well-being of local communities, national development and global prosperity
    PEO 4 Active in discussion and knowledge sharing through writing, publishing, and lecturing in the academic and non-academic world
    PEO 5 Competent and capable of teaching, advising, and mentoring, and can serve as an example in the field of education

    PLO 1 Demonstrate systematic comprehension and in-depth understanding in the field of education (Knowledge-K)
    PLO 2 Demonstrate abilities and skills in research and project development (Technical Skills-PS)
    PLO 3 Analyze, evaluate and synthesize new ideas in education critically and ethically (Ethics and Morals-EM)
    PLO 4 Solving educational problems effectively through critical, creative and analytical thinking (Problem Solving Skills & Critical Thinking-CTPS)
    PLO 5 Expanding knowledge and experience by conducting research on teaching and learning practices. (Continuous Learning & Information Management-LL)
    PLO 6 Sharing ideas and knowledge in education with peers and the academic community via various academic media including publications (Communication Skills-CS)
    PLO 7 Demonstrate the ability to comprehend and advance educational thought through multidisciplinary ways (Lifelong Learning- LLL)
    PLO 8 Develop the ability to contribute meaningfully to knowledge beyond the education sector (Leadership Skills- LS)
    PLO 9 Applying knowledge to enhance abilities and involvement in accordance with current educational needs (Lifelong Learning-LL)
    PLO 10 Develop individual talents and potential, as well as broad general knowledge, on a continuous basis (Lifelong Learning- LLL)

    Education Core & Research Core

    1. Philosophy and Professional Ethics in Education.

    2. Assessment and Educational Program Evaluation.

    3. Learning Theory in Education.

    4. Strategic Planning in Education.

    5. Theories and Practices in Academic Writing.

    6. Research Methodology

    7. Development of Research Proposal

    8. Quantitative Data Analysis

    9. Qualitative Data Analysis


    Elective Cluster (4 Courses for Each Elective Cluster)

    (a) Technical And Vocational Education

    1. Theory and Organization Behavioral in TVET

    2. Organization and Industrial Psychology

    3. Development and Delivery of Training Program in TVET

    4. Social and Economy Foundation for TVE Development


    (b) Educational Management

    1. Leadership in Educational Organization

    2. Analysis of Policy in Education

    3. Supervision in Educational Organization

    4. Educational Organization in Education


    (c) Educational Technology

    1. Theory and Planning for Instructional Design

    2. Trend and Issues in Instructional Design and Educational Technology

    3. ICT in Instruction

    4. Digital Media Development



    1. Dissertation 1

    2. Dissertation 2



    ARTICLE(S) as follow (only one of these):  

    • Minimum ONE (1) article journal with indexing of SCOPUS, ERA or WOS;
    • Minimum TWO (2) article proceeding with indexing SCOPUS, ERA or WOS;
    • Minimum TWO (2) article journal with indexing of MyCite



    1. Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from UTHM or any other higher learning institutions recognized by UTHM Senate


    2. Qualified as an educator at certificate, diploma, bachelor or masters level, OR At least ONE (1) year teaching experience in any institution recognized by Malaysian Government


    Minimum English Requirements for International Student

    1. Applicants should fulfil the minimum English Language requirement (TOELF 500/ IELTS 5.0/ MUET Band 3).

    2. Applicants who fulfill the academic qualification from Institution of higher learning throughout Malaysia that is recognized by the Senate are eligible to apply for exemption from the English language requirements.

    3. Applicants who do not fulfill the minimum English language requirement but graduated from universities listed as the English Speaking Countries are eligible to apply for exemption from the English language requirements.


    Please visit here for further information:

  • Full time:

    Minimum 6 Semesters (3 Years)

    Maximum 14 Semesters (7 Years)

  • Doctor of Education (EdD) Program is recognized by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) (MQA/PA10826).


    Please visit here for programmes qualification or accreditation:



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